These setup tips can help users who got their first Anker Nebula Astro projector to correctly set up their device and avoid some mis operations.

Nebula Astro Projector

Tips for setting up Anker Nebula Astro projector

• Do not place this device on soft surfaces such as tablecloths or carpets, otherwise
the device could be a fire hazard.

• Do not place this device in areas susceptible to excessive dust and dirt or near any
appliance generating a strong magnetic field.

• To prevent overheating, do not block or clog the ventilation openings.

• Never place this device in a confined space. Always leave enough space around
this device for ventilation.

• Avoid overexposing this device to direct sunlight, heat, large temperature
fluctuations, and moisture. Avoid extreme temperatures. The suitable operation
and storage temperature for this device and its accessories is 41°F to 95°F / 5°C to

• When this device is running for a long period of time, the surface may become hot.
If this occurs, shut it down immediately and unplug the charger. Resume operation
after the device has cooled down.

• Avoid extreme vibrations as they may damage the internal components

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