In general, it is not recommended to give priority to side projection for projectors, especially intelligent projectors that do not support optical lens displacement. The side projection of the projector will cause obvious loss of image quality and brightness, regardless of whether it is used with the screen or not.

Will Side Projection Affect Image Quality?

During side projection, the projector will have obvious brightness and image quality loss. The brightness loss is well understood. Users who have experienced side projection should find that there is an overflow light outside the corrected image when the light is turned off. This is the brightness loss. The loss of image quality is due to the angle between the projector lens and the imaging surface during side projection. The focusing surface and the imaging surface are not the same plane. In this case, the focus will be uneven. Even though the projector will be adjusted through software. It is still unable to completely solve this problem.

Will Side Projection Affect Image Quality?

If conditions permit, it is recommended to give priority to forward projection via table mounting, tripod mounting and ceiling mounting. We can find that most professional projectors are not equipped with side projection function, but more professional physical lens displacement function. The lens displacement function of some high-end projectors even reaches 96.3% in the vertical direction and 47.1% in the horizontal direction. Such a large range of lens displacement brings great convenience to the installation. Even so, it is still recommended that the lens of the machine be parallel to the screen as much as possible.

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