The lamp is a consumable compartment in the projector, because the temperature inside the lamp is very high, the life of the lamp of the projector is generally about 2000 hours. With that said, the projector lamp has a life time, once the lamp is broken, even if the projector is good, it cannot be used.

Moreover, the cost of replacing the bulb of the projector is also relatively high. Therefore, choosing a projector lamp with longer lifespans can reduce the frequency of bulb replacements and save maintenance costs.

There are two main types of projector lamp on the market today, high pressure mercury bulbs and LED bulbs. LED lights are durable and energy-saving, with good heat dissipation, less noise, longer life, and more stable picture.

High-pressure mercury bulb light sources include UHP, UMPRD, UHE, SHP, etc. The brightness is relatively high, but the power consumption and heat dissipation are not good, and the cost of replacing the lamp is also very high. Therefore, it is recommended to choose LED lamp projector.

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