What is keystone correction?

Keystone Correction is a common feature found on all projectors, which uses digital algorithms to adjust the projection image to be perfectly rectangular. With all its benefits, Keystone Correction still has some side effects due to the limitation of current technology.

For example, some users may observe the edge of the image becomes jagged, which will be more visible if the adjustment value of Keystone is being increased.

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Other factors, including picture quality, sharpness, and the projection image size, might also be affected by the Keystone adjustment. We suggest you play it around and find the best projection image based on your needs and preferences.

Morden Projectors like Dangbei Mars Pro would feature powerful auto keystone correction, you don’t need bother to operate it manually. In addition, it offers many other intelligent features such as Auto Screen Alignment, Auto Focus, and Obstacle Avoidance, providing you with a fast setup and ease of use.

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