Generally speaking, LCOS technology is applied in the high-end market, and different brands call this technology differently.

LCOS projection technology

LCOS display is a new reflective display technology organically combining LCD and CMOS integrated circuits. As a new display device, LCOS has many advantages such as a large screen, high brightness, high resolution, and power saving. Its application products are favored by consumers and industry insiders. LCOS may be the main direction of the development of HDTV back projection technology. It plays an important role in large-screen projection displays. Due to its economy and portability, it will become the main competitor of CRT technology large screen projection TV.

LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) is a new reflective micro LCD projection technology. It uses CMOS integrated circuit chip coated with liquid crystal silicon as the substrate of reflective LCD. After polishing with advanced technology, aluminum is plated as a mirror to form a CMOS substrate. Then, the CMOS substrate is bonded with the glass substrate containing the transparent electrode and then injected into the liquid crystal package. LCOS places the control circuit behind the display device, which can improve the light transmittance, so as to achieve greater light output and higher resolution.

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