When purchasing a projector, I believe that everyone will see the parameters of brightness, system, and chip, but occasionally there are parameters such as SVGA, WXGA, and XGA. Do you feel confused when you see these English letters? Don’t worry, here’s an easy-to-understand language to explain what WXGA means? Let’s look down.

What does WXGA mean? What is the WXGA resolution

In fact, the full name of WXGA is WideExtendedGraphicsArray, which is a kind of resolution. When we see the parameters of SVGA, WXGA and XGA, it is easier to understand them by linking them with the corresponding resolution.

WXGA is equivalent to a resolution of 1280800 pixels, which can represent a 16:10 widescreen, or a widescreen version of XGA with a resolution of 1024768. Generally, projectors with WXGA resolution are used in teaching and some business projectors, and home projectors are rarely used.

At present, WXGA is also the most mainstream widescreen standard. WXGA is not only suitable for 12-inch and 15-inch product screens, but also has a relatively low cost, so it is loved by many manufacturers.

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