VANKYO projector is popular on the market, but some projector users wonder how to fix it if the projector can’t turn on. Here are solutions to the VANKYO projector not turning on.

Vankyo Projector Not Turning On Solutions

Solutions to VANKYO Projector Not Turning On Problem

1. Check the power cord of the projector.

You can try to unplug the power cord and reconnect it to other sockets. You can try to hear the sound of the projector fan to determine whether the projector is connected to power successfully or not.

2. Check the status of the projector lamp.

A lamp is an indispensable part of a projector. If the lamp is broken, the projector can’t work as usual.

Vankyo Projector remote

3. Check whether the VANKYO projector is overheated.

The projector may shut off automatically if the projector is overheated.

Vankyo Projector Not Turning On

4. Check whether the VANKYO projector is in sleep mode.

The projector will turn off automatically if in sleep mode. You can try to manually turn the projector on afterward.

Vankyo Projector Not Turning On Solutions

5. Check whether the power button of the VANKYO projector is locked.

If you have locked the projector power button, the projector can’t turn on successfully. You can try to press and hold the power button for 3s to 7s to unlock the power button.

6. Check the A/V signal.

If the VANKYO projector may keep inactive for a long time, the A/V signal may be disconnected. For example, if you connect the projector to a laptop, you can try to reconnect the signal again.

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