Cannon LX-MU500Z Projector is a powerful home cinema projector, this projector supports 3D content display using the DLP Link system. If you have 3D content on your HDMI device and want to watch it on the giant screen, this gudie will show you in detail how to watch 3D movie on Cannon LX-MU500Z Projector via HDMI device.

This projector supports 3D image signals in Frame Sequential/Frame Packing/Top Bottom/Side-by-Side format.

You need the following items to project and watch 3D content.
• 3D content capable device. For example, a computer with graphics board and software capable of outputting 3D images
• 3D content
• DLP-Link active electronic shutter 3D glasses (144Hz Compatible)

Steps to watch 3D content from a computer on Cannon LX-MU500Z Projector:

  1. Connect the projector to a computer with an HDMI cable.
  1. Output a 3D signal from the HDMI device connected to the projector.
  2. Turn on the DLP-Link system 3D glasses, and wear them to enjoy the content.
  3. The default setting of the 3D menu is Auto and the projector automatically chooses an appropriate 3D format when detecting 3D contents. If the projector cannot recognize the 3D format, change the 3D setting and choose a 3D mode.
  4. If you cannot see 3D objects, change the 3D Sync setting from the OSD.

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