Generally speaking, there are 4 main types of projectors: business projectors, educational projectors, home projectors and engineering projectors. Here we are going to talk about the differences between business projectors and engineering projectors.

Differences between business projectors and engineering projectors

  • Brightness

Most business projectors have 2800-4500 lumens, while engineering projectors’ brightness is from 5000 lumens to 20000 lumens.

  • Lifetime

Engineering projectors have a much longer lifetime than business projectors do. Because engineering projectors usually need to work continually for a very long time.

  • Cooling system

Business projectors are usually used in some conferences, presentations and giant events. These scenarios won’t last a very long time, however, engineering projectors need to be in continuous operation, which means they require a powerful cooling system to prevent them from shutting down due to high temperature.

  • Ports

Business projectors usually come in some common ports like GA、HDMI、USB, which would suffice the daily business scenarios. The engineering projectors, on the contrary, are equipped with more ports of all various types, catering to all the needs of professional fields such as exhibitions, auditoriums and movie theaters.

Conclusion: Compared to business projectors, engineering projectors is brighter and able to work for a longer time, they have richer ports and more powerful cooling system. Therefore, engineering projectors are usually larger in size and heavier, with higher costs.