Wireless projectors, like Epson models, are convenient because they are featured with peer-to-peer connections, allowing users to connect their computers to the projectors without the hassle of cables.

This simple but convenient technology allows you to connect your projector to all kinds of streaming devices like ipad, smart phones and PC.

I am going to get you through the easy steps for connecting your Epson projector to WiFi.

How to connect an Epson projector to WiFi.

  • Step 1

Plug in your projector then turn it on. Hitting the menu button on the projector or using the remote, find the configuration for wireless connection. (Make sure the Wireless Mode feature is set to ON. Otherwise, your projector will fail to pick up any wireless network)

  • Step 2

Go to “Network” and type the wireless network’s name that you plan to connect. Go to “Security” and enter the password for the network.

For most Epson projectors, they are featured with wireless connectivity But if you own an Epson projector that isn’t, don’t worry, you can opt for a wireless LAN Module, which is an optional part that you can buy from any Epson store or dealer.

How to install the wireless module

Installing the wireless module can be easy. Just remove the cable cover at the back of your projector, insert the module into the wireless port. Then you can follow the same steps listed for Epson projectors with inbuild wireless connection to connect WiFi.