As technology advances rapidly, modern projectors are brighter, quieter, and more efficient than the old models. Some of you may be looking to replace your projector with a LED lamp.  

Can the old projector be retrofitted with LED lamp?

Old projectors usually adopt HID, UHP, and halogen projector lamp bulbs. Replacing them with LED lamps won’t be a straightforward task, but with deeper research and there is still a possibility for you to complete this.

Before you start doing it, we should know that bulbs are manufactured based on the projector and sold in different quality grades. Not all projector bulbs are the same. Plus, projectors all have different motherboards and connections, which adds to the difficulty of replacing the projector bulbs.

A few things you should know about replacing the projector lamp

Firstly, you may need to refer to the product manual, to find whether your projector bulb is replaceable. If it is, then you may proceed with getting a LED lamp. Here is a tip for you to choose a LED lamp: You may need to pay attention to the lumen output. Say if your old projector lamp is 2000 lumens, the LED lamp you use as a replacement should be roughly the same 2000 lumens.

Another factor you need to take into consideration is heat dissipation. When retrofitting the projector with an LED bulb, you should be careful with the cooling system, making sure that the heat generated in the confined space can be properly dissipated. As we all know, excess heat can shorten the lifespan of the components of projectors.

Moreover, some projectors may allow you to replace the bulb, but they are only compatible with the designated bulb. If your projector rejects to work with LED lamp, then you should manage to force your projector to work with the LED lamp by disabling the projector’s optocouplers.