Most household projectors adopt DLP technology, which is a relatively mature technology. However, it is strange for many projector beginners. This article lists the top 9 DLP projector faults or problems and gives corresponding causes.

  1. DLP projector can’t Power On

A: The power supply is broken.

B: The mainboard is damaged. 

2. DLP projector bulb does not light

A: The light bulb is broken.

B: The power supply of the lamp is broken.

C: The mainboard or drive power supply is damaged.

3. The reason for the vertical bar in the picture  

A: If there is a single color with a vertical bar, 80 percent of these problems are caused by LCD plate damage, and 20% are drive plate damage.  

B: If it is a three-color vertical bar, it is generally damaged by the motherboard.  

5. The brightness is not enough  

For projectors with a brightness of 500-800 lumen, they will be darker than before after installing a new bulb. That’s because the optical system light fog, dust, resulting in reduced light transmittance.

For projectors with high brightness, the cause may be broken glass, resulting in the light can’t pass through.  

6. The brightness of the new bulb can’t match the new projector  

The new projector’s optical system is new, but the old projectors’ optical system has certain dust. The old projector optical channel of each part of the glass may encounter aging or deterioration.  

7. The image appears blurred color spots 

80 percent of these problems are caused by spectroscopic and polaroid damage in the optical system.

8. Irregular circles appear in the image 

Ninety percent of the problems are caused by LCD panel problems.  

9. The indicator lights up after startup, but no startup screen 

There may be a problem with the bulb or the power supply of the lamp. Disassemble the machine to see if the bulb is broken. If not, check the power supply of the lamp.