Recently, my friends are inquiring about the price of second-hand projectors. They think the price of new projectors is too high. In order to save costs, they want to buy second-hand projectors. So I wonder if the second-hand projector is really worth buying? What should we pay attention to if we want to buy a second-hand projector?

First of all, is a second-hand projector worth buying?

Projectors have a common problem with digital products, that is, they can’t be bumped, and they are more “expensive” than those digital products that are “delicate”. Therefore, first of all, we don’t know whether the second-hand projectors have been damaged or unexpressed damaged by bumping.

The second is the common problem of all second-hand goods: there are a lot of refurbished machines, fake goods and shoddy products. If there is no very reliable way to buy, there is still the risk of buying wrong.

The last point is the lamp life and fan of the projector, which are very important for the daily use of the projector. Generally, if the projector has problems with these two items, it is prone to problems, such as excessive fan noise, color bias, etc.

Generally speaking, due to the special properties of the projector, it is not recommended to buy second-hand projectors. Moreover, the price of projectors has decreased rapidly in recent years. You can consider buying a brand-new projector before saving.

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If you have to buy a second-hand projector, what are the purchase instructions?

  • Pay attention to appearance

Pay attention to whether the second-hand projector has obvious collision marks, especially the key parts. Maybe the important parts inside have been damaged due to the collision. In addition, observe whether the machine has been removed. If it has been removed, it is best not to buy it.

  • Pay attention to the interface

My suggestion is that the projector will frequently plug and unplug the input line when in use, so the interface is the most vulnerable place to damage. For example, the pin is bent or broken, the interface has poor contact due to oxidation, or the interface fails due to frequent hot plug. Therefore, when selecting a second-hand projector, be sure to check each interface to see whether the signal input recognition is normal and whether the audio and video signals are synchronized after connecting the corresponding equipment.

  • Pay attention to the function key

Check whether each function key can operate normally, and pay special attention to the sensitivity of operation.

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  • Pay attention to accessories

Pay attention to check whether the accessories of the second-hand projector are complete, such as power cable, control cable, data cable, audio cable, invoice, warranty card, operation manual, etc. Ensure that the projector can be used immediately after it is available, and the after-sales service in the later stage can also be guaranteed.

  • Pay attention to the bulb model

When choosing a second-hand projector, we should focus on the bulb model of the projector and the service time of the bulb. In this regard, we should focus on the performance of the projector in terms of heat dissipation, dust prevention and color. The premise is that the service life of the bulb cannot exceed 1000 hours, otherwise you will lose money.

   If you don’t know enough about projectors, it is recommended not to buy second-hand projectors blindly. It’s better to choose a new projector, and the after-sales service is more guaranteed.

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