0.66 inch DLP chip:

The physical resolution is 2716 × 1528, with a total pixel of about 4.15 million, half of 8.3 million pixels. Therefore, TI specially launched XPR Technology.

XPR technology for 0.66 inch DLP

0.47 inch DLP chip:

The physical resolution is 1920 x 1080, so this is a real 1080p chip. But it uses Texas Instruments TI’s unique XPR technology.

XPR technology for 0.47 inch DLP

Test video:

The image in this section contains the test graphics. This video has a standard UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160. If the projector can distinguish the most subtle graphics, the real resolution of the projector is 4K. If it is discounted in some aspects, in fact, the resolution of the projector is less than 4K.

The test pattern is like this. It’s basically a box with several horizontal bars, vertical bars and diagonal bars, plus a big circle. The most elaborate test pattern is composed of 1 dot. We mainly look at the first line of checker, the second line of stripe vertical bar and the third line of horizontal bar.

  • If it is a real physical 4K resolution, the strip patterns in the blocks of 1 dot can be easily distinguished. The circle is also a continuous, smooth curve.
  • If the resolution is less than 4K, only the patterns in 2 dots / 3 dots may be distinguished. The circle also becomes an intermittent, non smooth curve.

Comparison of actual screen images:

0.47 inch 4K DLP
0.66 inch 4K DLP
3-chip 0.74 “SXRD, physical 4096 x 2160 pixels


0.47- inch 4K DLP
0.66-inch 4K DLP
3-chip 0.74-inch

1. The 1 dot precision chessboard is still recognizable on 3-chip 0.74 “SXRD. The picture may be too small to see clearly, but it can be recognized by the naked eye.

2. 0.47 inch 4K DLP and 0.66 inch 4K DLP can be identified on the chessboard of 2 dots, but not 1 dot

Vertical bar:

0.47 inch 4K DLP
0.66 inch 4K DLP
3-chip 0.74 inch SXRD

3-chip 0.74 “SXRD and 0.66 inch 4K DLP can distinguish 1 dot vertical bar. Although inch 4K DLP can display vertical bars, the display effect is different from 3-chip 0.74 “SXRD. On 3-chip 0.74 “SXRD, the vertical bars from 1 dot to 3 dots are gradually thicker, which is normal, but the 1 dot of 0.66 inch 4K DLP looks thicker than the 2 dots, which is abnormal.

 0.47 inch 4K DLP is recognizable from 2 dots and performs normally.

Horizontal bar:

0.47 inch 4K DLP
0.66 inch 4K DLP
3-chip 0.74 “SXRD, physical 4096 x 2160 pixels

The horizontal bar test is still the same as the vertical bar.


Although the 0.66 inch and 0.47-inch 4K DLP are literally called 4K, they are actually two products of completely different grades. The 8.3 million pixels advertised by the 0.66-inch chips are still authentic. The 8.3 million pixels of the 0.47-inch chip is just a gimmick.