Nebula Capsule II and Nebula Capsule Max are similar in appearance. Both of the two projectors use black as the main color embellished with the same red logo and the same dimensions.

In fact, the two projectors are different in system, interfaces, battery, storage, and smart features.

You can have a quick understanding of their difference by means of the table below.

Product NameNebula Capsule IINebula Capsule Max
Color SelectionBlackBlack
Projection TechnologyDLPDLP
Brightness200 ANSI Lumens 200 ANSI Lumens
Resolution1280×720 (16:9, HD)1280×720 (16:9, HD)
Projection Size20-100 inches20-100 inches
Operating SystemAndroid TV 9.0Android 8.1
Speaker1× 8W (270°)1× 8W (270°)
Video Playtime2.5 hours4 hours
ConnectivityHDMI, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ChromecastHDMI, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Screen Mirroring
FocusAutomatic (1 second)Automatic (1 second)
KeystoneAuto/Manual (Vertical ±40°)Auto (Vertical ±40°) Manual (Horizontal ±40°)
SoftwareGoogle Play Store/ChromecastNebula Manager+Miracast+AirPlay
ChargingPD 30WDC-IN 45W
Throw ratio1.3:1 1.3:1
Contrast ratio600:1 600:1
Dimensions150ⅹ80mm 150ⅹ80mm

Through the comparison, we can know that the two projectors have 5 main differences.


Nebula Capsule II> Nebula Capsule Max

Nebula Capsule II operates on Android TV 9.0 with pre-loaded Google Play Store and Google Play Services while Nebula Capsule Max comes with Android 8.1.

Nebula Capsule II


Nebula Capsule II> Nebula Capsule Max

Nebula Capsule II is equipped with a type-C charging port and supports 30W PD power input, which supports charging with a power bank.

Capsule Max only comes with a DC-in charging port and supports 15V/3A DC power input.

Nebula Capsule Max


Nebula Capsule II> Nebula Capsule Max

If the sound volume is set at 50%, Nebula Capsule II can last about 2.5 hours when playing local downloaded videos without a WIFI network in battery mode. However, Capsule Max can just last about 4 hours.


Nebula Capsule II< Nebula Capsule Max

Nebula Capsule II has 8G memory while Nebula Capsule Max has 16G memory.

 Nebula Capsule II
Nebula Capsule II

Smart Features

Nebula Capsule II < Nebula Capsule Max

Capsule II supports Auto or Manual (Vertical ±40°) keystone correction while Capsule Max features Auto (Vertical ±40°) Manual (Horizontal ±40°) keystone correction.

  Nebula Capsule Max
Nebula Capsule Max

Nebula Capsule II supports Chromecast while Nebula Capsule Max supports screen mirroring.

For common features, the two projectors have the same DLP technology, 720P resolution, a throw ratio of 1.3:1, and 200 ANSI lumens.


Nebula Capsule II and Capsule Max are similar in shape, outer design, image resolution, and brightness.

Compared with Capsule Max, Nebula Capsule II performs better in the system, battery life, storage, and interfaces, while Nebula Capsule II does well in smart features.

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