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CES 2022 Hot Projectors Collection and Review

CES 2022 has closed successfully on January 7. However, discussions concerning some hot projectors are still not ended among projector fans. This post will gather

BenQ X3000i
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BenQ Unveils 4LED Gaming Projector BenQ X3000i In CES 2022

BenQ has attracted the attention of gamers by releasing the new 4LED gaming projector BenQ X3000i in CES 2022. Marketed as the world’s first 4LED

Hisense CES 2022 New UST projector
4K Projectors News

CES 2022: Hisense Releases Two UST Laser 4K Projectors

Hisense is known for its TV products. It also showcases two cutting-edge 4K UST laser projectors, including Hisense PX1-PRO and the Hisense L5G, at CES

CES 2022: ViewSonic X1 and ViewSonic X2
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CES 2022|ViewSonic Unveils Two LED Projectors: ViewSonic X1 and X2

ViewSonic announced many new products in CES 2022, including two 1080P LED projectors, ViewSonic X1 and ViewSonic X2. ViewSonic X1 and ViewSonic X2 are similar

Anker Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K
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CES 2022|Anker Unveils Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K: The First Portable 4K laser Projector

Anker unveiled its first portable 4K laser projector on the first day of CES 2022. The new projector is named Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K. Nebula

CES 2022 Tech trends preview

CES 2022 Preview: Tech Trends for Consumer Electronics

CES 2022 is coming. CES is a grand gathering of creative gadgets, which indicates the tech trends.  What we can see in the show this