With a high 7500 Lumens brightness,1080p FHD supported native 720p resolution, and built-in speaker, this SMONET HD projector offers you a genuine big-screen feeling in the comfort of your home. What if SMONET Projector shows no image on the screen? Check out the solutions below.

How to Fix If SMONET Projector Shows No Image

1. Ensure the video source cable is connected properly, and that the video source is turned on.

2. If the input source is not selected automatically, select the correct source with the Source key on either the projector or the remote control.

3. Check the A/V signal. If the SMONET Projector may keep inactive for a long time, the A/V signal may be disconnected. For example, if you connect the projector to a laptop, you can try to reconnect the signal again.

4. Check whether the SMONET Projector is in sleep mode. The projector will turn off automatically if in sleep mode. You can try to manually turn the projector on afterward.

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