When speaking of Samsung short throw projector, you may think of Samsung The Premiere series. This series is positioned as high-end 4K laser short throw projectors.

Short throw projector allows users to enjoy an immersive cinematic experience just within a short throw distance.

The Premiere LSP7T

This series includes two projectors, The Premiere LSP7T and The Premiere LSP9T.

The Premiere LSP9T

Among the two projectors, The Premiere LSP9T features a much shorter throw ratio, much higher configuration, and therefore a much higher price.


The two projectors use white as the main color and feature an elegant and simple design with fabric covering the front. However, it is hard to clean the fabric on the projector.  

The size of The Premiere LSP7T and The Premiere LSP9T is approximate. But Premiere LSP7T is much smaller than The Premiere LSP9T. In addition, LSP7T is much lighter.

Throw Ratio

Both of the two projectors are short throw projectors. But The Premiere LSP9T (0.19:1) performs better than LSP7T (0.19:1).

The Premiere LSP7T requires a throw distance of 0.2 m – 0.4 m and projects a screen size range of 90″-120″. The Premiere LSP9T just needs 0.1 m-0.2 m to project a screen size range of  100″-130″.


The two Samsung short throw projectors have the same 4K resolution. Both of them supports HDR and UHD processor.

For brightness, the Samsung Premiere LSP7T features 2,200 ANSI lumens while Samsung Premiere LSP9T features 2,800 ANSI lumens.

If you need to use the projector frequently, you can pick Premiere LSP9T, which delivers a much better viewing effect under ambient light.  

Smart Features

Both of the two projectors feature TV Tuner, Amazon Alexa, Streaming Apps, and Google Assistant. In addition, the two short throw projectors have various ports and interfaces, unlocking much more content resources.


The Premiere LSP7T now is available at a price of $2,499.99 and The Premiere LSP9T is available at a sale price of $4,999.99 at its official website.


The two Samsung short throw projector is good for home and commercial use. They deliver quality and big images with a very short throw distance.  You can pick one based on your needs and budget.