UST projectors refer to projectors with Ultra-Short Throws of no more than 0.4:1. Recently, UST projectors are increasingly popular. As a coin has two sides, UST projectors also have their own pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of UST Projectors

Pros of UST Projector

1. Better Image

UST projectors usually use the laser as the light source, which has obvious advantages in terms of color performance (better color saturation and contrast) and long lamp life.

More importantly, the laser light source has low attenuation, making it possible to output high brightness for a long time.

2. Save More Space

This is the most intuitive advantage of the UST projector. Most UST projectors have an extremely short throw and therefore you can place it on your cabinet directly just like a TV. For projectors with a long throw, it takes about 2-5 meters to project a big image.

3. Convenient Setup

Due to the short throw distance, the UST laser projector can be placed a few inches from the wall or screen without a ceiling mount or human setup cost. You can easily move it to other places at will.

4. Safe for the Eyes

Compared with long throw projectors, the UST projector’s light source is close to the wall and will not do harm to human eyes when you walk by the projector. However, the passerby may block the light of a projector when they walk by a long-throw projector, which greatly affects the images.

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Cons of UST Projector

1. Smaller Image

Most UST projectors available on the market have a screen size range of 80-150 inches, while most long throw projectors have an image size range of 30-300 inches.

2. Image Distortion

UST projectors are more vulnerable to image distortion. Hence, UST projectors usually need to be used together with special ALR screens. In addition, the image should be flat enough. Otherwise, the screen corners are prone to poor focus, picture distortion, and so on.

3. High Cost

Generally, a UST projector is more expensive than a common video projector. The average cost of a UST projector is in the range of $1,600-$8,000.

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