Why doesn’t the picture appear when the projector is connected to the computer?

When the projection is connected to the computer, the picture cannot be displayed. It may be that the projection mode setting on the computer is wrong. You can press Windows+P on the computer to open the projection settings, and change the projection settings to allow the projector to project the computer screen. It may also be that the projector’s signal source is selected incorrectly, which can be solved by changing the signal source in the projector’s settings.

There are several reasons why the image is not displayed when the projection is connected to the computer. The specific reasons and solutions are as follows:

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Reason 1: It may be that the projection settings of the computer are wrong.
Solution: Press the Windows+P key of the computer to open the projection setting interface, and select Copy, Extend or Only the second screen in the projection setting interface to let the projector project the computer screen.

Reason 2: The signal source setting of the projector may be wrong.
Solution: You can open the projector’s settings interface, and then switch the signal source to the corresponding HDMI signal source.

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