OBE’s flagship new projector OBE X7D Pro projector officially debuted on April 14, 2023. The projector sold 2,000 units within 4 hours.

The new projector has a unique and portable design, and it won the 2023 German Red Dot Design Award.

OBE X7D Pro projector is designed in a minimalist style, with a tightly integrated square body, obsidian black luster, elegant curves, and exquisite texture, which can be perfectly integrated into different home styles.

OBE X7D Pro projector

The projector weighs only 1.8kg and is only 6.8cm thick, whose size is similar to a book. The X7D Pro is currently the thinnest of the 0.47” DMD flagship projectors thanks to the self-developed ApolloⅠoptical machine.

The projector has a high brightness of 2,000 ANSI lumens, allowing clear viewing no matter day or night.

It is worth noting that the projector has an O-SPACE vision system, which can adjust brightness automatically based on the change of the surrounding environment. It can human eyesight and avoid eye harm when users pass by.

In addition, the OBE X7D Pro projector is equipped with an Amlogoic T982 flagship chip with 4G+32G memory for faster operation and stronger performance.

With HDR10+, HLG, 3-speed MEMC, Dolby & DTS, HDMI2.1, and other flagship-level configurations, it brings an extraordinary operating experience.

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