Fengmi R1 is a new product released by Formovie, an ecological chain company of Xiaomi, in August this year.

Formovie claims R1 as a ‘Space Master’ because its short-throw projection technology can provide a big screen in a limited space. Then, let us have a look at its main parameters.



The unique shape design adapts to different environments and decorations. Its round top surface softens the vision and can be better integrated into the modern and diversified aesthetics of the home.

With a silver-grey color, it has a sense and atmosphere of high-tech.

Throw Ratio

Fengmi R1 has a short throw ratio of 0.33:1, which can provide a screen size range of 50-200 inches within a limited space.


It has a brightness of up to 1600 ANSI lumens, which performs well in indoor ambient light during the day.

Other Parameters

Contrast Ratio: 3000: 1

Resolution: 1080P

Light Source: ALPD

Generally speaking, this projector is suitable for small-sized houses, and the image is also not bad. If you want a projector which can provide a big screen in a narrow space, you can just buy it.

Fengmi R1 is available to order on Banggood for $1,299.99.

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