You can lock the buttons on the projector to prevent anyone from using the projector. You can also lock the zoom, focus, and lens shift settings to prevent them from being adjusted.

1. Press the [Menu] button, select the Management menu, and press [Enter].

2. Select one of these lock types and press [Enter]:
• To lock the [Lens] button on the control panel and remote control to prevent the zoom, focus, and lens shift settings from being changed, select Lens Lock.
• To lock the projector’s power button, select Child Lock. To turn the projector on, you must press the power button for longer than three seconds.
• To lock all buttons on the projector, select Control Panel Lock > Full Lock.
• To lock all buttons on the projector except the power button, select Control Panel Lock > Except for Power.

3. If you see a confirmation prompt, select Yes and press [Enter]. The Control Panel Lock setting is applied.

4. Restart the projector to apply the Child Lock setting.

Epson CH-LS12000B

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