JMGO is set to unveil the new N1 series, heralded by their official Weibo account as the “next generation” 4K projection. The new product line will be gradually unveiled starting from May 10th.

Currently, JMGO offers several models in the N series, including JMGO N1, N1 Air, N1S Pro, and N1S Ultra. The JMGO N1 features a Tri-color laser light engine by Mucen, boasting 800 CVIA lumens brightness, 1080P resolution, and 1600:1 contrast ratio. It houses a 370cc large sound cavity, supporting Denon sound effects, as well as Dolby and DTS decoding. Powered by the MT9671 chip, it offers a storage combination of 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM.

Speculations suggest that the new JMGO N1 series will continue the trend of the N series’ integrated intelligent platform design, which has become a standard feature in home smart projection. Recent releases like the Dangbei D6X/D6X Pro and Dangbei X5S have adopted this platform design, allowing for more seamless picture adjustments.

Furthermore, according to poster information, the JMGO N1 series is expected to further upgrade its picture resolution, and the light source may continue to utilize the Tri-color laser technology.

Apart from the “4K” designation, JMGO has not yet disclosed further details regarding the product specifications and configurations.