Many Nebula projectors support the use of Disney+. This post will tell you how to install and use the platform.

Disney+ can be installed on your Nebula from Google Play Store directly.

Simply update your Nebula’s firmware to the latest version according to the following steps.

Selecting Settings > Device Preferences > About > System Update and search “Disney+” in Google Play Store to get it installed.

Nebula Capsul II
Nebula Capsul II

If Disney+ doesn’t show in the search results, reset your Nebula by selecting Settings > Device Preferences > Reset and then try it again.

You can find the latest firmware of Nebula according to the following operations.

Settings > Device Preferences > About > Firmware Version.

Nebula Cosmos
Nebula Cosmos

The serial number of the Nebula projector can be found according to the following steps.

Settings > Device Preferences > About > Status > Serial Number.

The guide is applicable for Nebula Capsule II, Nebula Prizm II Pro, Nebula Cosmos, Nebula Cosmos Max 4K, Nebula Solar, Nebula Solar Portable, and Nebula Vega Portable.