HP has launched HP CC200 this October, adding a new member for its mini projector portfolio. CC refers to Citizen Cinema Series of HP.

HP CC200


The projector uses white as the main color embellished by a black lens on the front. There are various ports and interfaces on its back.

The overall style is simple and elegant, which is suitable for home use.

There are many heat dissipation vents at the front and side of the projector.

As a mini projector, it measures 128 x 136 x 203 mm. The weight is undisclosed for the time being.


The projector uses LED as the light source and adopts LCD display technology.

It features 200 lumens and Full HD (1920*1080) resolution. Though the brightness is not high enough, the standard resolution can deliver you a good image in a dark environment.

It has a short throw ratio of 1.2:1, delivering an 80-inches screen with just a throw distance of 2.1 meters.


Various ports or interfaces are necessary for home projector users. HP CC200 is equipped with HDMI(ⅹ1), a 3.5mm audio-out, and a USB (ⅹ2) connection, supporting rich external content resources.

HP CC200

Smart Features

It supports Motorized focus adjustment by remote control, which is convenient to use. The HP CC220 can also work with a streaming stick.

This projector has a price of $249. HP claims that the mini projector is a full-HD projector with the most value.

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