Equipped with two 10W 4 Ohms full frequency speakers, Dangbei Mars Pro laser projector can easily Dolby Audio. The DTS HD studio sound feature allows Dangbei Mars Pro to switch into a high-quality Bluetooth speaker whenever you need.

So how to set up Bluetooth mode on Dangbei Mars Pro projector?

You can navigate to the Menu to find the Bluetooth speaker mode, Also, there is a shortcut for you:

  • Short press the power key on the remote control, then select Bluetooth Speaker mode.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your streaming device such as smart phone, searching for the devices nearby, try to pair the device named in “Dangebei Speaker”.
  • When you hear the beep “Bluetooth connection is successful”, means that you have paired them successfully. Now, you can enjoy yourself with a great audio experience.

 If you want to exit the Bluetooth Speaker mode, just short press the power key on the remote control then select exit.