Sony VPL-XW6000 Projector is featured with lens shift function to adjust the position of image. Sometimes users may find that the lens shift can’t be adjusted. Here is the solution.

Sony VPL-XW6000 Projector

Soution for Sony VPL-XW6000 Projector lens shift cannot be adjusted

  • The lens shift cannot be adjusted over the range of movement. Adjust the lens shift within the range of movement.

On the other hand, if your projector’s on-screen display didn’t appear, check out the steps below.

Solution for on-screen display does not appear.

  • Set [Status] to [On] in the  [Setup] menu.
  • Check if the ON/STANDBY indicator is not flashing in green. If the indicator is flashing in green, the projector is starting up. Wait until it stops flashing and remains lit in green.
Sony VPL-HW79

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