Sega Flux is a popular home planetarium projector around the world. The full name of the projector is Sega Homestar Flux (Hereinafter referred to as Sega Flux), which can make a plain room into an amazing planetarium.

Sega Homestar Flux

It was released in October 2018, which is a premium home planetarium projector developed by the Japanese inventor & entrepreneur Takayuki Ohira.

Today, let’s have a brief review of the home planetarium projector, Sega Flux.


The overall shape of Sega Flux is globular, with satin black as the main color interspersed with several white icons. The color matching of the projector is just like the sky night during summer days.

There is a satin black finish with indicated lunar crater on the top. Several shortcut keys with white literal cues are located at the side of the Sega Flux.

Sega Homestar Flux

It also has a black stand that supports 360° rotation, delivering a full view.

In terms of size, it measures 16 cm × 16 cm × 15 cm. You can hold it with just one hand. The projector is also light, it weighs just 620g or 1.36 lbs.


It can project more than 60,000 high-definition twinkling stars, which are beautiful and spectacular. For a home planetarium projector, the number and brightness of stars is key indicator.

Sega Homestar Flux

This projector is equipped with ultra-bright 5-watt white LED & glass optical lenses, which can project a circle with a diameter of approximately 290cm.

There is no information about the throw ratio on its website, but it can project 47 inches to 114 inches with a throw distance range of 120 cm to 290 cm.

Sega Homestar Flux

For projection method, it supports the ceiling, wall, or other flat surfaces.


Sega Flux supports USB and wall plugs. Its package includes a USB cable for the 110-240V power converter (or power bank), two projection discs (northern hemisphere & northern hemisphere with constellation lines), a user manual (English, German and Chinese), and a sky map.

Sega Homestar Flux

Other Specifications

The projector has a two-year warranty. In addition, the home planetarium projector has more than 6 years of expected life.

It features 5-watt warm white LED technology and operates quietly. The projector has a retail price of $259 (€189).


Sega Flux is a good choice for a home planetarium projector in consideration of its high definition stars, rotatable 360° view, various projection methods, and small size.

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