With the improvement of people’s spiritual and cultural needs, more and more people have installed home projectors at home. Due to the limited space in the family, the traditional projection screen is not beautiful in some scenes. At this time, professional projection paint can be considered. Only when the projection paint is selected can the projection effect be improved to the greatest extent.

First of all, we need to understand the principle of projection. Whether the projection effect is good or not mainly depends on the projection ability of the projector itself. The projection screen only plays an auxiliary role.Generally speaking, DLP projector uses DMD chip to image. It adopts the principle of reflection and uses micro mirror to image, so the contrast ratio of the picture is good.At this time, it is better to choose white projection paint, which can not only improve the fullness of color, but also improve the brightness of the screen.Because DLP projection color is also limited, many people will also choose LCD projectors. Although the color of LCD projector technology is better, the contrast ratio is weaker.Therefore, gray can be selected when selecting projection paint, which can increase the contrast ratio and fullness of color.

white paint roller

Projection gain

When choosing projection paint, the problem of projection gain is generally considered. Projection gain is the inherent reflection characteristics of projection paint film expressed by numbers. When a certain light is projected onto the fully diffuse surface, the reflection brightness is set to 1. Then, under the same conditions, project the same light in the vertical direction of the screen, and measure the brightness of the central point and each point on the same arc. The ratio of this brightness to the brightness of complete diffuse scattering is called the gain of the screen. In fact, to put it bluntly, high gain picture brightness can be improved to a certain extent, and low projection gain is normal brightness.

In fact, ordinary household projectors do not need to choose special high projection gain projection paint. Because the projection gain is particularly high, the color performance will decline. Moreover, when viewing in a dark environment with high projection gain, there is a big brightness difference from the environment, which is also prone to eye fatigue. Using such a high projection gain screen for a long time is not very healthy for users. Therefore, generally speaking, it is OK to choose a projection paint with a projection gain of about 1.0 to 1.2.

How to choose the screen size?

The screen size is actually related to the size of living space. If the home theater or living room is relatively large, you can choose a large screen. If the space is smaller, you can choose a smaller screen. Generally, it is more appropriate to watch movies from the left 3-4 meters away from the screen, and brush the wall with a 100-120 inch screen. When watching movies 4-5 meters away from the screen, it is more appropriate to choose a 130-150 inch screen. If it is an ultra short focus projector, this distance can be shortened by about one meter. However, if it is a special projector such as reflective ultrashort focus and laser TV, it can project 100 inches at 0.4 meters.

What are the advantages of projection paint over traditional screens

  1. Save money, good effect, 4K HD image quality effect
  2. Worry free, strong scrub resistance, no deformation, no fading, long-term use
  3. Labor saving, no space occupation, usually a wall, no installation, no wire, no plug
  4. It can be wiped with a rag, the damage can be repaired, the cost is low, and it can be brushed at will in any shape.
  5. It can be used for circular, arc, irregular and other special-shaped projection planes and projection planes with large area.

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