Recently, Changhong launched a new commercial short-throw laser projector P6 series P6F/P6W, let’s see what “quality” they have to meet the market demand, and see how they can be used for office conferences, holographic applications, business clubs, and immersive exhibitions. , new media art and other commercial scenarios bring new possibilities.

Changhong Unveiled P6 Series Laser Projector

Changhong’s commercial short-focus laser projector P6 series is equipped with a self-developed short-focus laser light machine to achieve higher light efficiency on the same platform chip. The brightness of P6F and P6W reach 5000 lumens and 4500 lumens respectively.

Changhong Unveiled P6 Series Laser Projector

The 80-150-inch large-screen display can easily meet the projection needs of large spaces such as large conference rooms and immersive exhibition halls, and can also ensure a clear picture under bright ambient light. At the same time, because the Changhong P6 series is equipped with a quad-core 64-bit processor chip, the system runs fast and stable, and the output of intelligent functions is stable, which can better meet the needs of high-intensity and high-frequency use in business scenarios.

Changhong Unveiled P6 Series Laser Projector

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