AAXA P7 and Emotn H1 are both portable 1080P full HD projectors. What are the differences between them? Which one is better?

Just see the side-by-side parameter comparison table below.


AAXA P7 looks like a big dice with a dark grey color. There are several buttons on the top of the projector. It has a rotary knob on the left side, which is used for manual focus. The overall style is suitable for commercial use.

AAXA P7 vs Emotn H1: Which is Better?

Emotn H1 adopts retro style in terms of color matching and design. It features a dark slate blue color and has a leather carrying handle, which is portable and convenient. The projector has a row of shortcut buttons, which operate like a blue switch mechanical keyboard. When you touch these buttons, you can hear a rhythmed and crisp sound.

AAXA P7 vs Emotn H1: Which is Better?

The on/off switch and focus knob of Emotn H1 are golden in color, making the projector special and beautiful. The design style is suitable for both home use and commercial use.

Compared with AAXA P7, Emotn H1 is more exquisite in terms of appearance design.  

Image Quality

AAXA P7 and Emotn H1 are both 1080P projectors, but Emotn H1 performs better in terms of image size and image quality. Emotn H1 supports HDR, bringing a clear and quality image.

According to public specifications, AAXA P7 is labeled as 600 LED lumens while Emotn H1 is labeled as 250 ANSI lumens. AAXA P7 can project a maximum image size of 120 inches, while Emotn H1 can project a big image size of 200 inches.


Emotn H1 operates on Android 9.0 and features 1G RAM and 16G ROM, ensuring stable and quick operation. The projector has a built-in Emotn UI, making the projector homepage flexible and beautiful. In addition, Emotn H1 has many built-in apps, bringing rich content resources.

AAXA P7 vs Emotn H1: Which is Better?

AAXA P7 has no built-in system, and you have to buy a TV stick or connect to other external resources.


AAXA P7 doesn’t support Wi-Fi while Emotn H1 supports 2.4G/5G dual-band Wi-Fi.

In terms of screen mirroring, AAXA P7 only supports wired mirroring, while Emotn H1 supports both wired and wireless screen mirroring.

Emotn H1 is equipped with various ports, including Micro SD, Aux 3.5mm, AV, USB 2.0, HDMI, LAN (100Mbps), and SPDIF, supporting streaming devices, computers, phones, DVD player, and other devices.  

AAXA P7 vs Emotn H1: Which is Better?

AAXA P7 supports only MicroSD, HDMI, USB 2.0, Mini-VGA, and AV, fewer than Emotn H1.

Emotn H1 supports Bluetooth 5.1, which is quicker and better than AAXA P7’s Bluetooth 4.0.

To conclude, Emotn H1 is better than AAXA P7 in terms of connectivity.


AAXA P7 and Emotn H1 are both1080P projectors, but Emotn H1 performs better in terms of appearance design, image, and smart features.  

Emotn H1 has a built-in system, supporting a Wi-Fi connection, wireless screen mirroring, and 3D, but AAXA P7 doesn’t support these features. More importantly, Emotn H1 costs only $289 but AAXA P7 costs $419. You can just pick Emotn H1 if you want a projector with a better appearance and smart features.


  • Allen, March 6, 2022 @ 12:52 Reply

    why AAXA P7 lable their brightness as LED lumens? I seldom see the LED lumens.What’s the real ANSI lumen of the projector?

    • Gary Brown, March 6, 2022 @ 18:54 Reply

      LED lumens are not widely accepted in the projector area. As different suppliers test the LED lumens with different rules, it is hard to convert their LED lumens into ANSI lumens.

  • Gary Brown, March 6, 2022 @ 18:46 Reply

    Hi! Thanks for your message. LED lumens are not widely accepted lumen units for a projector, so I convert it into ANSI lumens according to common rules. If you adopt a different rule, can you please give me an ANSI lumens figure? I’d like to update the information when I compare and review the projector again.

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