Some laser projectors emit radiation in the form of visible light. Others emit radiation that is not visible to the eye such as UV or infrared radiation.

Will Laser Projector Emit Radiation?

Generally, laser radiation is not harmful. It doesn’t go through the body or cause cancer. It interacts with the body much like ordinary light. In fact, lasers compared to other light sources are less intense.

Laser radiations should not be mistaken for radio waves, microwaves or the ionizing x-rays which cause great harm.The danger posed by a ray depends on the ray’s wavelength and its frequency. Rays with shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies are more dangerous.

A ray will be dangerous to people if it can penetrate a person’s living tissue and interact with molecules in it. That is, if it is ionizing. Projector beams emit visible light and infrared light. Both of these lights belong to the non-ionizing type of radiation.

So to the question, “Do projectors give off radiation?”, the answer is YES. However, their radiations pose little danger.

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