As a new release, VAVA Chroma is hot recently. Many potential buyers want to know the upgrades and new technologies of VAVA Chroma. Today, we compare VAVA Original (Specially refer to VAVA 4K Laser TV) with VAVA Chroma in terms of different dimensions.

Laser Technology

Though both of the two projectors use ALPD technology, the new product is the 4.0 version of ALPD, 30% more powerful than 3.0 version.

Image Quality

VAVA Chroma uses triple laser and Rec. 2020, it also supports MEMC, all of which bring a high-quality and clear image.


VAVA Chroma has black only while the Original has white and black.


Both of the two products have same brightness of 2500 ANSI lumen.


Both of the two products have a resolution of 4K.

Screen Size

Both of the two products have a screen size range from 80” to 150”.

APPs and Entertainment

The new release supports more media platform such as YouTube, HBO, while the previous version just supports limited options. In addition, the new version supports Alexa control.


You can see more comparisons by means of the pictures above.

We can conclude that the upgrades of VAVA Chroma are more about laser technology and color gamut.

Considering that the prices of the two products are close, you can just order the new version if you will not use immediately. The new version will begin shipping in October for US customers while global customers in November 2021.

If you think 4K resolution is good enough, you can just buy the original version.