When you are using the WEMAX Dice projector, what if the auto focus feature doesn’t work? Or the Auto Focus didn’t initiate? How do I manually activate Auto Focus if the automated feature doesn’t sense it on its own? Let me get through some simple steps to fix this.

wemax dice projector1_

How to initiate the auto focus of WEMAX Dice projector

  1. Try picking up the projector from its position and moving it around to trigger the Auto Focus. If that doesn’t work, try the method below:
  2. Press the Menu button on the projector or remote control, go to Settings,
  3. Select Projector, enter Focus,
  4. Then the automatic focus will activate. From this screen, you can also manually adjust and fine-tune the focus using the left and right buttons on the remote.

In this case, you should have the auto focus feature back to work, feel free to enjoy the amazing viewing experience with WEMAX Dice projector.

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