GooDee BL98 is compatible with multiple devices, including computers. This post will tell you how to connect the projector to a computer. Here are the detailed steps.

GooDee BL98

1. Connect the computer to the projector with the HDMI cable (A Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter is needed for the Apple MacBook computer).

GooDee BL98 interface

2. Click the [SOURCE] button, and select the corresponding [HDMI1] / [HDMI2] input.

3. Connect to your computer and set the display resolution and frequency to 1920×1080 and 60 Hz, respectively.

4. The computer’s image output mode should be checked when the projector’s input channel is set to HDMI/VGA. Press [F1 – F12] while holding down the FN key to choose the duplicate image mode.

GooDee BL98 Computer Connection Guide

Common key commands are as follows:

(FN+F5) for Toshiba, Sharp, and Acer;

(FN+ F7) for IBM, Hitachi, and BenQ;

(FN+ F4) for HP and NEC;

(FN+ F3) for Lenovo, Founder, Samsung, and Panasonic;

(FN+ F8) for Apple and Dell; (FN+ F9) for Asus.

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