The Vimgo P10 is one of the best choice for budget mini projector. Its street price is only more than 200 USD. But does Vimgo P10 does actually work.

The P10 is 1080p resolution, but its sharpness and detail suffer quite a bit toward the edges of the image. But it’s acceptable, because a mini projector offers 1080p has impressed us already. the Vimgo P10 creates a 100-inch image when placed 9 feet from the screen.

Vimgo P10 Review: Budget Mini Projector

Vimgo P10 claims 300 lumens, offers connectivities including HDMI inputs, USB port, Audio outpu and 2.4GHz/5GHz. It also supports WiFi and Bluetooth. There are some streaming apps built in, like Netflix, Disney Plus, YouTube, Hulu and Paramount Plus.

The cons of Vingo P10 is that there’s no built-in battery, and it offers no lens zoom, but considering the low price, it’s relatively bright, has an impressive contrast ratio, and even has Netflix built in. Vimgo P10 is still a worth buying budget mini projector.

Vimgo P10 Review: Budget Mini Projector
ModelVimgo P10
Native resolution 1,920×1,080 pixels
HDR-compatible No
4K-compatible Yes
3D-compatible No
Lumens spec300
Zoom No
Lens shift No
LED life 30,000 hours

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