Puppy Cube is equipped with Bluetooth remote control, you can follow the following steps to pair it with the projector.

Puppy Cube

Puppy Cube Remote Control Pairing Method

Method 1

Go to the “System Settings” and then to “Connections”. Select “Bluetooth”->”Available Devices”.

Puppy Cube Remote Control Pairing Method and Tips

Method 2

Simultaneously press the back button and menu buttons on the remote control. When the remote control’s indicator light flashes red and blue alternatively, it is in the pairing state. Now, find the “Puppy Remote” option in the “Available Devices” list and tap it.

Then, the “Puppy Remote” entry appears in the “Paired Devices” list with the status “Connected”. This indicates the remote has been paired.

Puppy Cube Remote Control Pairing Tips

  • If you can’t find the remote control in the Bluetooth list, please make sure that the remote control is sufficiently charged.
  • If the remote control is in the Bluetooth list but indicates not connected, you can select “Disconnect” and then pair again.

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