LG projector provides powerful features itself, more than that, it comes with an innovative Magic Lighting Remote. Unlike regular remote control, Magic Lighting Remote is featured with a pointer, which is a quite convenient and excellent function. This user guide will introduce you how to use Magic Lighting Remote.

lg cinebeam projector

Step 1: Inserting Batteries in the Remote Control

If the battery low message appears while using the Projector, replace the batteries. Use 1.5 V, AA-type alkaline batteries. Replace the two batteries with new ones and insert them according to the direction indicator inside the remote control.

  1. Remove the battery cover on the back of the remote control by sliding it downwards.
  2. Insert the batteries to match the +, – polarity symbols.
  3. Close the battery cover.

Step 2: Pair the Magic Lighting Remote with LG projector

Read How to Pair Magic Lighting Remote with LG CineBeam Projector? for more details

Step 3: Using the Magic Lighting Remote

If you shake the Magic Lighting Remote left and right or turn its wheel while pointing it at the projector, a pointer will appear on the projector screen. If you move the remote control in the direction you want, the pointer follows the movement. Move the pointer to the location you want and press the Wheel (OK) button to execute the function.

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