The appearance design of JMGO G9 is still the traditional disc design, which is very similar to the previous generation of G7s and is also known as the “sweeping robot”. The G9 fuselage does not adopt edge cutting and grinding, that is, there is no edge and angle design of the top circumference of the JMGO G7s.


On the side of the machine, G9 separates the focusing sensor from the position of the projection lens. The TOF sensor and CMOS camera are used on G9, which greatly improves the focusing and trapezoidal correction. Under a glass cover plate on the front is a projection lens and an infrared focusing sensor.


The opposite side of the lens is the interface and heat dissipation air outlet design. From left to right, there are power supply, optical fiber audio, USB2.0, HDMI, LAN and infrared receiver. The basic intelligent projector interfaces have been provided.


A breathing lamp is designed on the top. Each time you press the remote control, the breathing light will flash and respond; At the same time, touch the position of the breathing lamp to start and stop the machine. There are also four small holes at the four corners of the breathing lamp, which is the annular 4 mic array of G9 for far-field pickup.


At the bottom of G9, two knob anti-skid pads and an arc-shaped anti-skid pad form a smiling face. The opening at the center is used for support installation. It can be directly connected to the floor support or hoisting without adapter plate.



G9 has built-in JMGO4.4 UI system, including children’s exclusive mode, which can safely hand over the remote control to children. Film and television content covers a variety of different resources. You can also install third-party application software through USB flash disk or other methods, such as Dangbei market.

JMGO G9 is equipped with Mstar6a838 processor, Cortex A53 architecture, with a main frequency of 1.8GHz, a GPU of Mali-T830 and a memory of 2 and 16GB. This configuration is above the middle in the intelligent projector, which can fully meet the daily needs of families.

There are some changes in the internal settings of JMGO system on G9, in which the motion compensation switch can preview the effect; After adding TOF sensor and CMOS camera, it can also support automatic trapezoidal correction and non- inductive focusing.

Image quality

G9 has a built-in 0.23DMD display chip, and the resolution reaches the 1080p standard through dithering technology.

In terms of brightness, American LED light source and RBGG four channel light path are used, reaching 800ansi lumens. It also supports HDR10 high dynamic video decoding and is compatible with 4K. It can meet the needs of daily viewing, and can ensure fine and vivid projection image quality.

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