Sony VPL-XW6000 Projector supports HDR technology, And it allows you to different value of Dynamic HDR Enhancer. See the detialed steps below.

When the HDR content is reproduced, the signal levels in the light/dark area and laser light intensity are automatically adjusted to optimize the contrast according to a scene. Image sharpness is enhanced, and it results in a dynamic image.

Steps for Setting Dynamic HDR Enhancer of Sony VPL-XW6000 Projector

  1. Press the MENU button.
  2. Select  [Picture] – [Cinema Black Pro]
  3. Enter [Dynamic HDR Enhancer] and then choose the desired setting for HDR enhancer

Description for Different Brightness Mode

[High], [Middle], [Low]

You can adjust the D.HDR enhancer.


The D.HDR enhancer is turned off.

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