For some projector beginners, Faltopu projector setup may be difficult. This post will share the setup instruction.

Faltopu Projector Setup Instruction
  1. Place the Faltopu projector on a table or a stand. As the projector has no keystone feature, you have to place the projector on a flat surface and point it directly to the wall or screen.
  2. Hang a screen at the front of the projector if you have one. If you have no screen, you can project it on the wall directly.
  3. Connect the projector power adapter to the socket and turn on the Faltopu projector.
  4. Roll the focus ring on the top of the projector to make the image clear. You can turn the lights off to make the image brighter as the projector is not bright enough.
  5. Connect the projector to an external device, for example, a USB flash drive, TV stick, or Roku. Generally, you can use the HDMI interface to connect the projector to external devices via HDMI cables or an HDMI adapter.
  6. Select the corresponding input source on the homepage.
  7. Then, you can watch videos on the Faltopu projector.

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