This is an unboxing of Dangbei Mars Pro laser projector, a new laser home projector that go on the market recently. Let’s check out what this new arrival has got.

Whole black package, with iF Product Design Award logo on the top right corner, indicating Dangbei’s superior industrial design. We can only see a side of the unit coming out from the shadow on the cover, really delivers a kind of mystique, making us feel excited about what’s in the box.

Open the box we get to see the unit itself; Dangbei Mars Pro didn’t let us down, or more than we expected. Shell made in aviation aluminum alloy, it is firm and durable. Fusion black and silver reflects magnificent, smooth surface, overall modeling, protrudes the sense of modern technology. 

Size: L246 x W209 x H173mm, weight:4.6 kg

And other accessories: power cord x1, power adapter x1, remote control x1

On the top, we have 2.5D nanostructured glass panel, which gives a smooth feeling. The crystal and clear visual impact make the whole metal unit less rigid and squat.

On the front, the floating curved glass further strengthened the sense of science and technology as well as modern sense. With this glass cover, no more concern about the dust entering the lens.

The remote control is made in nicely textured plastic and has a proper weight on it, offering users a better hand-touching.

Now let’s see how Dangbei Mars Pro works on projection

The image is bright and vivid, the green color is full saturated. The vein on the leaf can be clearly observed.

As for a more colorful image, the fluid lines of the vehicle are presented well, and the details on the waistline are crisp and sharp.

Superb black-level performance with excellent shadow detail. We found nice highlights and shadows on the image,  Dangbei Mars Pro is able to maintain the detail in the really dark and light areas.

About Dangbei Mar Pro 4K projector

  • Brightness: 3200 ANSI lumens
  • Resolution: 4K (3840×2160)
  • Dolby Audio & DTS.
  • DLP technology with 0.47”DMD chip
  • ALPD Laser with lifespan of more than 20,000 hours
  • RAM 4GB and ROM 128GB
  • Android OS 9.0, Bluetooth 5.0, WIFI
  • Supports HDR10+, MEMC

Click to learn more of Dangbei Mars Pro tech specs

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