It is not suggested to turn on the projector for a long time when it is not in use, which will affect the service life of the projector.

The life of the projector generally depends on the life of the light source. Now projectors generally use bulb light source and 100 laser light source. The projector of bulb source has high calorific value and high heat dissipation requirements. If we can exclude the heat inside the projector in time, we can significantly extend the life of the bulb and prolong the life of the projector.

 The service life of general light bulb light source is 2000 hours. After more than 2000 hours, if you continue to use, the brightness will continue to decrease, which will greatly affect the projection quality. The service life of the projector of the laser light source is much longer than that of the bulb light source. Generally, it can reach 200 million hours, but the price of the laser projector is also more expensive.