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star projectors comparison

Star Projectors Comparison|Galaxy VS Blisslights VS Smart Star

Star projectors can quickly make your rooms into a splendid planetarium. This post will compare GALAXY PROJECTOR 2.0, GALAXY PROJECTOR 2.0, and BLISSLIGHTS SKY LITE


Epson Projector Maintenance Tips & Safety Precautions

Projector is precise machine, which requires careful maintenance to avoid breakdown. This post lists some tips and safety precuations to protect your projector. Time stamps

Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K Projector

Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K|Portable 4K Projector Review CES 2022

Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K Projector is a new projector released at CES 2022. This projector is the first portable 4K projector of Anker. With a small


Epson EF-12 Projector Review: Powerful Home Projector

Epson EF-12 Laser projector is a good choice for a home projector. This compact laser projector runs on Android TV and supports Google Assistant, meaning

BenQ X1300i

BenQ X1300i Unboxing and Review: A Powerful Gaming Projector

BenQ X1300i is a powerful gaming projector, giving you a native 1080p HDR projection and 4K compatibility. Featuring Android TV OS, it offers an incredible

Hisense projector

Hisense PX1-Pro 4K Short Throw Laser Projector Review

Hisense released two UST laser projectors prior to CES 2022. This post will review one of the two projectors, Hisense PX1-PRO. Hisense PX1-PRO features 4K

Samsung The Freestyle Review

Samsung The Freestyle Projector Review

Samsung The Freestyle is a trendy new portable projector released by Samsung ahead of the CES 2022. It features 1080P resolution, rotary design, and Premium


Optoma CinemaX P2 UST Projector Review

Optoma CinemaX P2 is an ultra short throw projector. The author will compare it with Optoma P1, Vava 4k laser projector, and LG HU85LA. Then

CES 2022 Tech trends preview

CES 2022 Preview: Tech Trends for Consumer Electronics

CES 2022 is coming. CES is a grand gathering of creative gadgets, which indicates the tech trends.  What we can see in the show this


Top 6 Best Projectors for Gaming in 2021

Projectors bring you a big screen and immersive audio and viewing experience, which is suitable for playing games. A good game projector features low input

Top 5 Best Projector under $200

Top 5 Best Projectors under $200 for 2022

If you have a budget of $200 for your new projectors. You can check the list below and get a good projector at a low

How To Clean Projector Filter

How To Clean Projector Filter

This post will show you that how to clean a projector filter. It is actually an easy process and will only take you a couple


Top 5 Best 4K Ultra-Short Throw Laser Projectors

So many 4K ultra-short throw projectors have been released in 2021. This post will select the top 5 among the new 4K ultra-short throw projectors.

Nebula Cosmos Max

Nebula Cosmos Max Projector Review:4K Projector with 150″ Screen Size

Nebula Cosmos Max features 4k resolution and 1500 ANSI Lumens. It projects up to 150” screen size, and so much more. It has various ports,

Best Epson projector for 2022

Top 10 Best Epson Projectors for 2022

Epson projectors are widely recognized in the global market. This post lists the top 10 best Epson projectors for 2022. Top 10 Epson EpiqVision Ultra

VAVA ALR screen

VAVA ALR Screen Set Up & Test

VAVA ALR Screen refers to the Ambient Light Rejecting screen provided by VAVA. This kind of screen can negate the washout effects of ambient light

TOPVISION T6 projector review

TOPVISION T6 Projector Review: Budget Home Cinema Projector

TOPVISION T6 is a popular mini projector. It has a native resolution of 720P and supports 1080P resolution. It is ideal for home video in


BenQ X1300i Projector Review: Amazing Gaming Projector

BenQ X1300i is the World’s First 4LED Gaming Projector with Cinematic Experience. Its low latency makes it a good gaming projector. The most immersive gaming projector

JOVAL 1080p FHD WiFi Projector

JOVAL 1080p FHD WiFi Projector Unboxing and Review

JOVAL 1080p FHD WiFi Projector is a nice small compact projector. But its screen mirroring feature is not so smart enough. If you are looking

Merlin 3D PocketBeam Pro

Merlin PocketBeam Pro Review: A Portable 3D Projector

Merlin 3D PocketBeam Pro adopts LED as the light source. It is equipped with 1G RAM and 8G ROM. Though it has a small size,