Many Epson projector users may come across some image problems. The image may be light, dark, or incorrect.

If the projected image is too dark or light, or the colors are incorrect, try the following solutions.

Method 1:

Press the Color Mode button on the remote control, and try different color modes for the image and environment.

Method 2:

Check your video source settings.

Method 3:

Adjust the available settings on the Image menu for the current input source, such as Brightness, Contrast, Tint, White Balance, and/or Color Saturation.

Method 4:

Make sure you selected the correct Input Signal or Video Signal setting on the Signal menu, if available for your image source.

Method 5:

Make sure that you selected the correct Gamma or RGBCMY setting in the Image menu.

Method 6:

Make sure all the cables are securely connected to the projector and your video device. If you connected long cables, try connecting shorter cables.

Method 7:

Make sure the Brightness Settings in the Eco menu are set correctly.

Method 8:

Position the projector close enough to the screen.

Method 9:

Resetting all of the projector’s settings using the Reset menu.