Recently, more and more consumers chose projectors instead of TVs. Why? This article lists 4 main factors as follow.

1 Cheaper Price

The price of big-screen TVs tends to be high while people can get similar experience by means of lower cost projectors.

2 Bigger Screen

People go to theater because of its extra-large screen, which can provide immersive experience. Most of projectors can give an throw image of 100-200 inches, changing living room into a “home theater”.

3 Better for Eyes

Compared with TV, projectors are better for eyes. Projectors’ indirect lights are gentler than TV sets. Therefore, projectors are better for eyes.

4 More Portable

Because of the large size of TVs, it’s time-consuming and laborious to move and transport TV sets. However, people can move projectors at will for their relatively small size and low weight.

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