Chinses media has released a projector rank of 2021. This list shares the specific projector models and rates for these projectors. Just check the list below.

Top 10 best projectors in China in 2021

Xiaomi 1S 4K Laser ProjectorExcellent (4.0)7.18Kg1 year2000 Lumens
XGIMI H3Excellent (5)2.74kg2 years1900 Lumens
Dangbei X3Excellent (5)4.6Kg1 year3200 Lumens
Wemax Ultra Short Laser ProjectorExcellent (4.0)9.75Kg1 year7000 Lumens
Wemax One ProExcellent (4.5)6.9kg1 Year7000 Lumens
Wemax D30 ProjectorExcellent (4.0)17.5kg1 Year12500 Lumens
Wemax A300 ProjectorExcellent (4.5)8.34Kg2 year9000 Lumens
Fengmi 4k laser ProjectorExcellent (5.0)7.5Kg2 years4500 Lumens
Fengmi 4k Cinema ProExcellent (4.0)8.75Kg2 year2400 Lumens
Fengmi 4K MaxExcellent (4.0)18.2Kg1 year4500 Lumens

We can find that the products of Xiaomi, XGIMI, and Dangbei have ranked in the top 3 places, which is reasonable and not surprized in view of their large market share and influence in the Chinese market.

Xiaomi 1S Laser TV
Dangbei X3 Laser Projector
Dangbei X3

If you check the list detailedly, all of these projectors in the list are smart projectors with smart Android systems, which is slightly different in the US. There are still big shares of traditional projectors in the US.

Do you know any other best projectors in China? Do you know any other Chinese projector brand? You can share your experience in the comment zone.