PLenovo YOGA7000 Projector provides versatile connection including HDMI portand USB port, as well as wireless connection like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. This tip will show you how to connect devices to Lenovo YOGA7000 Projector via HDMI.

You can onnect a lot of devices to this smart projector, such as Blu-ray player, gaming console, camcorder, digital camera or PC… through HDMI connection. With this HDMI port, images are shown on the projection screen, and audio is played on the projector.

YOGA7000 projector

Steps to connect devices to Lenovo YOGA7000 Projector via HDMI

1. Using an HDMI cable, connect the HDMI port on the projector, and insert another end to your device.

2. Then enter the system settings interface to find the signal input option.

3. Choose the signal input of HDMI, then you may finished connecting the device to the Lenovo YOGA7000 Projector.

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