JMGO J9, Dangbei F1, and XGIMI H3 are similar in market position. Therefore, they are frequently compared and discussed by potential buyers. Here is the comparison review for you.


The three projectors have their own design style, but their style is somewhat similar.  The three models are fit for home environment, while Dangbei F1 and XGIMI H3 can be used in commercial scenes. 

JMGO J9 vs Dangbei F1 vs XGIMI H3

 All three projectors’ left and right sides are designed with fences or openings, apparently for ventilation and heat dissipation or sound raising. 

Dangbei F1 adopts the left and right DC heat dissipation, XGIMI H3 sets the three-level heat dissipation structure due to its device assembly, and JMGO J9 is equipped with four independent intelligent speeds control fans.

JMGO J9 vs Dangbei F1 vs XGIMI H3

The heat dissipation area of these two models is mainly on the back and the side as an auxiliary.  Measured air outlet temperature: JMGO J9 41℃ (mean) < Dangbei F1 42℃ (mean) < XGIMI H3 44℃ (mean). 

Measured 0.3m operating noise: JMGO J9 48dB = Dangbei F1 48dB < XGIMI H3 49dB (the noise in the test environment is basically about 44/45dB). 

The temperature on the side or the noise of the fan is actually not much different, JMGO J9 processing is more balanced, in general, when Dangbei F1 experience is slightly better.

JMGO J9 vs Dangbei F1 vs XGIMI H3

The size of power adapter: Dangbei F1< XGIMI H3<JMGO J9

Image Quality

All three models can automatically operate autofocus and keystone correction when the machine is turned on.

All the real pictures below are not adjusted and remain unchanged after starting up. To be fair, the projection white wall is the same piece, the camera parameters are the same.

All three projectors use 0.47 “DMD display chips, that is to say, all of which support true 1080P resolution, compatible with 4K.

The difference is the brightness. JMGO J9 2000ANSI lumens > XGIMI H3 1900ANSI lumens > Dangbe F1 1400ANSI lumens.

In the first group of hummingbirds, compared with the original painting, the background brightness of the three projectors all appeared green.

JMGO J9 vs Dangbei F1 vs XGIMI H3

Two obvious points are as follows: first, the color of the bottom of the wings is slightly biased. JMGO J9 and Dangbei F1 are closer to the original image, while XGIMI H3 is slightly red. The second is the light color feather at the neck. Dangbei F1 is the closest to the color of the original; the XGIMI H3 is too bright and loses details; JMGO J9 is biased.

JMGO J9 vs Dangbei F1 vs XGIMI H3

When tested in a black image, the image of XGIMI H3 tends red, which is more pronounced than the test above.


Performance is the inherent support of the above test results.

Dangbei F1 is equipped with Mstar6A938 processor, combined with 3GB+32GB super-large storage and built-in Dangbei OS2.0 flagship system. XGIMI H3 is equipped with Mstar6A848 chip, with 3GB+16GB storage capacity, supporting dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection technology; JMGO J9 has a built-in Mstar6A838 processor, using 2GB+16GB storage, supporting 2.4g /5G dual-band Wi-Fi, equipped with an intelligent OS4.0. 


Dangbei F1 has good combined performance, which has a lower price than the other two projectors. JMGO J9 and XGIMI H3 perform better in terms of brightness and smart features.